Max is the founder of Unmuted, a modern Growth Marketing Agency from Amsterdam. With Unmuted he’s helping B2B (tech) companies build high-performing customer acquisition systems and get their overall marketing in the best shape ever.

Max started his career in 2014 at MisterGreen, a Dutch leasing company specializing in Tesla cars. The company grew from a fleet just shy over one hundred cars to over one thousand cars. With the implementation of marketing and sales automation, hiring talented technical team members and running online marketing campaigns, the company transformed from a sales-led startup to a product-led company, selling well over 1.000 contract per annum.

Recently, Max served as the Head of Growth at ShopPop where he was responsible for the overall commercial growth of the company. POP is a B2B SaaS product that webshops use to increase revenue, recover abandoned carts, opt-in people to receive sale alerts, provide live support and much more. During this period Max built the marketing team, created a high-converting self-serve growth system, repositioned the company from music to e-commerce, grew users by 275% and increased Monthly Recurring Revenue by 205%.

Next to his work, Max is an active speaker and growth marketing and digital transformation consultant. The Next Web and Accenture named Max one of the Netherlands’ most promising people in digital business. His expertise gave him the opportunity to participate in two awards shows as a member of the jury and become a guest lecturer at Nyenrode Business University.

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