Max van den Ingh is a public speaker and growth marketing practitioner. He helps companies to grow and scale fast by implementing and creating growth processes, building growth teams and executing growth experiments. 

Over the past four years, Max has helped MisterGreen, a Dutch leasing company specializing in Tesla, to grow from a fleet just shy over one hundred cars to over one thousand cars. With the implementation of marketing and sales automation, hiring talented technical team members and running online marketing campaigns, the company transformed from a traditional startup to a digital-first scale-up which is here to stay. 

Recently Max has taken up a new role as Head of Growth at I AM POP where he will be responsible for the commercial growth of the company. 

Next to his work, Max is an active speaker on topic of growth and digital transformation. He enjoys his work as lecturer at universities and business schools as well as being a keynote speaker at events. The Next Web and Accenture recently named Max one of the Netherlands’ most promising people in digital business under 25 years. Max holds two positions in Dutch jury boards for digital marketing and business.

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